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large product photo   MIND-BODY CONNECTIVE THERAPY

Body and Mind are connected in ways we are understanding more and more each year.

TRE was created by Dr David Berceli to address the build-up of day-to-day tensions, as well a traumatic stress, in a way which is natural, safe and can be done without the aid of a couselor or therapist in many cases, once it is mastered.

This program focuses on releasing the psoas muscle. This is the muscle which connects the top of the femur to the lower back through the pelvis. It can be released manually by a massage therapist, but such a release can be quite painful and may feel invasive. TRE releases it through a natural process known as neurogenic tremoring.

TRE group classes are being offered in January of 2017 and individual sessions are available as needed. Please contact me for details.