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large product photo   HI, MY NAME IS MICHELLE

I am a person committed to helping others achieve vitality in life.  Vitality involves more than just the physical body. I believe the root of physical discomfort (particularly chronic pain and illness) typically has strong ties to emotions, intellectual understandings and strongly held beliefs.  Although temporary relief from pain can come from a strictly physical approach, long-lasting health and vitality comes from balancing and harmonizing all areas of life.

I am a compassionate listener. I want to understand your message and who you are.  I honor you just the way you are in your individual strengths.

I am an innovative therapist. There are many routes to wholeness and healing.  I am well versed in a number of modalities and customize each session individually.

I am a mentor.  The role of a mentor is to guide and assist another toward his or her desired outcome. I believe there is genius in each person.  I seek to call your attention to that genius and help magnify it.  

I am a student. I love learning.  I especially enjoy seeking a solution which aids understanding and interpersonal growth.

I am a healer -- at least that's the message I get when people tell me I have "magic hands."