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large product photo   INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE: Holistic and Hands-On

Integrative Massage is a combination of massage and other bodywork modalities which range from the light touch of CranioSacral therapy to deep tissue; relaxing Swedish to a dynamic Thai inspired massage; basically, it is whatever seems to fit your overall situation and the present moment.  One day we may share assisted yoga therapy and the next a lomi-lomi (Hawaiian) massage.  

The objective of Integrative Massage is to help you become aware of the message your body is giving you and connect with yourself in a compassionate way.  As such, you can anticipate coaching on muscle awareness, breath work, and progressive relaxation as you experience massage.  I may also ask you to be calm and self-aware with deep relaxation or become active in describing how each muscle is responding to touch or the emotion evoked.  

It is not uncommon to come away from an Integrative Massage with requests to track water or food intake, participation in meditation or yoga, research into a juice cleanse or a reading and writing opportunity.  Recommendations to visit chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists, or other specialists are common.